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A status of the requirements and expectations of the organisation. The interests of the owners, customers, employees, suppliers and credit sources are all taken into account.

A status report on the business sector involved: the size of the market, market developments and structure. Trends and the competitive situation.

Why does the company exist? What is its mission?

SWOT analysis
An evaluation of the company's strong and weak points, the opportunities open to it and possible threats.

The company's core areas of business. Where are special efforts to be made?

Formulation of a series of general goals which are to form the basis for strategies, plans of action and budgets.

Experience has shown HMC that the involvement of the entire management team in the process of strategic planning gives greater clarity, not only as regards the overall lines to be followed by the company in the future, but also as regards attitudes and policies to be followed in the day-to-day running of the company.